As a busy mum you may want a part-time job that’s both flexible and enjoyable? But is finding a job that fits into your schedule is harder than you thought? You would like to use your skills, do something different, and earn income for the family. What if I tell you there’s a way to make money from the comfort of your home? Do you believe me? Ok, get ready!

Offering products and services is usually the most common way to generate income, but there are many other ways to make revenue online. Here are three options:


You have amazing skills, so why not offer your services and get pay for it? You can choose with whom, when and how to work. It’s totally possible to run a real and thriving services-based business from home. If one-on-one work sound like something you will enjoy, here are a couple options:

Remember in my last post (4 Reasons Why You Should Become a ‘Mumpreneur” Now) I said that the internet opens up new opportunities? This is one of them. If you have a skill that you can use in order to help people, then you can probably turn it into a service business. Believe it or not, someone around the world is looking for your skills. If you are not convinced you should check out Upward or Freelancer, they have listed jobs for all type of freelancers: writers, accountants, web developers, virtual assistants, graphic designs, etc.

This is about finding clients with whom you can charge premium prices and work with them on a long-term basis. An example of an ongoing contract would be coaching sessions. Why not get paid for sharing your knowledge and experience? As a coach you are there for your customer to provide support, positive feedback and advice. You will help your clients achieve their professional goals.


Tangible & Digital products
You can sell tangible products (things that you handmade or designed) or online products (e-books, planners or photos) and get paid immediately. There are many platforms like Etsy or Ebaywhere you can sell your products, or you can integrate e-commerce into your own website. Keep in mind that tangible products have the largest up-front fees, so it can be expensive. Generally this type of business can take awhile to grow. It also needs constant and consistent marketing and promotion. This type of business can work if you are willing to keep up with miscellaneous details, like shipping, packaging, inventory and much more.

Online courses or workshops
One of the beauties of the internet is you can transform your expertise into an online course and get paid. It allows you to share your knowledge with anybody at any time. With looking after the kids and managing the house, who has time to sit in a classroom? Online courses or workshops can receive significant revenue, but they take commitment and dedication to launch. The success of this will depend on your marketing strategy.

Online membership 
A membership site is where your subscribers pay a monthly fee to access “exclusive information”. Online memberships can generate a constant income stream. Think about this, you can offer an in-depth e-course with opportunities for ongoing interaction. Your consumers will be paying to be part of your online community (like part of a club), and receive your information and updates. An online membership requires constant updating You will need to update your web content every week to keep providing valuable content for your subscribers.


In this revenue stream, you are using your platforms, social media channels and blog, as a way to promote products and services. There are three ways to do this:

Website Ad space
Monetise your platforms by allowing advertisers to promote their products!
– Get Pay Per Click (PPC), you can do this with Google Adsense.
– Sell your own ad space on your website. Typically this is quoted as a click per impression (CPM).

Affiliate Marketing
You endorse a product on your platform, blog, social media channels, newsletter or whatever you get clicks from, and you will get commission for the sale. You can promote brands you love!

Affiliate Marketing is becoming a general practice, many companies are adopting ‘affiliate program’, so you can get affiliated links and share them to get commision. One of the keys to use affiliate marketing is to write a memorable affiliate blog post that gets traffic each day, so your main task is to write a quality article and drive traffic toward it. Here are two of the most popular networks that offer affiliate marketing programs:

Amazon Affiliate Program: You can choose any product to advertise to your customers. You can promote books, audio books, video games, clothing, kitchen tools, etc. You can earn up to 10% commission.
Rakuten Affiliate Network: It is an affiliate marketing provider. You can promote products from popular brands or products provided by small companies.

Brand Sponsorship
A company may ask you to write a review about their product or service or ask you to work on collaborations, such as sponsored posts and videos. This means you will get money per click. This is a more common practice than you think!

I hope this blog post shows you how mums are making money from home by taking advantage of the digital age. Remember that the online world is a universe where you can experiment, connect and get inspired. It is constantly changing, and there is hardly anything that is original these days. However, you are unique, and you can put your own identity into your dream business.

Which methods of income do you think are the most effective? Comment below!

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