In the first week of November in 2017, I hosted the inaugural Mumpreneur Summit. It was an incredible three-day virtual event for mums who want to start their own businesses.

In case you missed the virtual event, you can get the Notes and Resources here, so don’t feel left out! I was blown away by the different ideas, advice and strategies that came from those three days. The topics were diverse, and by the end of the summit, my head was full of new ideas and tips to apply to my very own business. I was left feeling so inspired and motivated to keep my own mumpreneur journey. Based on the feedback from conference attendees, I wasn’t the only one with a brain overflowing with inspiration.

Since it was so impactful, I would like to share with you the six biggest ideas from the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit with a couple of highlights from some of the speakers!


I know that building a new business from the ground up is hard, but as an overall conclusion from the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit, you just need to take the risk and stop making excuses – it is time to give life to your dream business. As many of the presenters pointed out, it is never the perfect time to start a business, so once you get an idea stick to it and develop it seriously.

Emma Bates, from Kids, Cash and Chaos is a blogger and small business coach, during our conversation she pointed out that any mother can start their own business from home, you just need to find something you are passionate about and want to do every day. Once you develop your idea, make a plan and work to make that idea grow.

Kermilia White, a blogger from The Millennial SAHM, said that If you’re thinking about starting a blog, just do it! Don’t overthink it. On her website, she has heaps of content to help mums get started with their own blog. She has a fantastic online library where she shares everything that she has learned about blogging over the years. She admitted that as a blogger, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and compare yourself to other mum bloggers, but as a professional, you have to stay true to yourself and remember your value. She also said to focus on the quality of what you have to say and how you are going to say it. She recommends giving yourself a year of blogging and then you can decide if you want to stick with it as a career or not.


Branding is everything. The online world is saturated, and you have to find the best ways to stand out from the crowd. To learn more about personal branding and how to create a stable and memorable personal brand, I interviewed Alba Gomez, a Personal Brand Expert and Style Consultant. She pointed out that persistence is the key to building your business and your brand. She said that to create a strong personal brand, you need clarity on who you are, what your message is, and how you will sell it. She said that it is very important to work with people who inspire you and guide you.

Visual marketing is the key to have a strong brand. We are living in the digital age, and for that reason, visual marketing is essential. We just have 30 seconds to seduce the eyes of our potential clients online. To discuss this further, I had an amazing conversation with Jessica Bodin, a Business Coach who is driven by passionate women. She said that visual marketing is an imperative part of your business as most people receive information from visual stamina. By putting visual marketing out there that relays information on who you are and what you do is a no-brainer. An excellent and qualitative visual marketing strategy can help you to stand out in this crowded digital age. One way that she recommends developing a winning visual marketing strategy is by doing a magnetic brand photoshootA magnetic brand photoshoot will help you solidify your visual brand and enhance your unique selling point.


Marketing is the way you communicate your business values. To talk about this complex theme, I spoke to Yael Keon, a Marketing Expert that helps small businesses run their marketing without hassle. She explained that marketing isn’t limited to just promotion and advertising, but it goes way deeper than that. Marketing starts with what you are going to offer people and what the value is. Ask yourself, how does your business solve a problem and how do you communicate that? To achieve this and much more you have to develop a marketing strategy, which will tell you what works and what doesn’t.

A winning way to take your marketing strategy to the next level is implementing an effective digital marketing campaign. To go deeper about this, I spoke with Sonja Crystal, a Digital Marketing Expert. She said that first you need to understand everything about digital marketing, and once you understand it, look at what is available to you already. Audit where you are at and what your business is.

The steps that she recommends to develop your digital campaign is:

  1. Start with an audit and set SMART goals for your business.
  2. Execution – what you’re going to be doing and who is going to help.
  3. Be consistent with your campaigns across the board (such as social media, emails, blog posts, etc.).
  4. Measure and analyse your campaign and see how you can improve it.

When developing a digital marketing campaign, try to think about strategically launching your campaign. Keep in mind that campaigns don’t have to last forever, they can simply go for a few days or a few weeks.


You can grow your business using social media. During the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit, Lisabella Mansillo, a Business Mentor, Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist, said that social mediais a social network to help create brand awareness, and it’s a tool to help reach customers and build an online community. She affirms that people don’t want to be sold, they want to be inspired. Well-managed social media platforms can be a useful tool for your business – not just to increase awareness but to also grow your empire. Remember to use social media to drive traffic to your main website where you potential clients will find valuable information.


Building an email list takes time, and we can say that it is an art. Elna Cain, from Twins Mommy, said that having an email list is crucial because it’s another way you can connect with your readers. Those on your email list have already invested in you and your business, therefore you can create further leads and sales from that list. For a new blogger, developing a downloadable freebie is a quick win and is highly valuable for your readers – it will help you build a solid email list. Try to be innovate with your freebies as people will sign up for something new, unique and helpful.


I won’t lie, being a mum, a CEO, and running a business is not an easy path! It is long, tiring and full of ups and down. But some strategies can help you to deal with everything better! Kim Stone, from Undercover Mum, shared her secret weapon on how to make time for everything that matters to you: Strategic Action Plan. She said that this method is useful if you want to make time for your business as well as your family. She said planning is key and is very important to understand what you specifically want your week to look like. You may want to add time to your strategic action plan for yourself to exercise, do blog posts etc.

You need to be clear on what it is you want to make time for and take a look at the activities you do in a week. Some of those are going to be the things you don’t like doing, so you spend less time on them even though you probably need to spend more time on them.

She affirms that a lot of mums use their most productive time during the week to do the housework, but it’s essential to use those productive timeframes to work on the more important tasks such as your business.

If you only work on your business at those non-productive times, then the chances are you won’t be giving it your best.

Kim also shared her formula on how to develop a strategic action plan:

  1. Decide what change you want to make.
  2. Get specific about that change – what it’s going to look like, what action you will take, what it will look like if that change is successful.
  3. Identify who can help you and if you need to outsource other tasks to get to where you want.

These were the six biggest ideas shared on the 2017 Mumpreneur summit, I would love to share more, but I wanted to keep it short. Three full days jam-packed with presentations by some of the most inspiring lady bosses in the blogging, coaching and marketing industries around the world. Over 250 people tuned in to learn about how to start a business from home, monetize a blog, stand out in this digital age and how to grow a business through marketing campaigns, social media, and other marketing strategies.

In case you missed the virtual event, you can get the Notes and Resources here, so don’t feel left out!


My final conclusion is: when you decide that you are going to stop pursuing your dreams and desires because you are just a ‘regular mum’, you are putting the responsibility of your happiness on your kids. The truth is: if you start a business, you are modeling something amazing! You can be a mum and a powerful business owner at the same time – and the best part is that your children will benefit from it. Go confidently! Don’t let fear and doubts creep into your life or business. Remind yourself why you started, and this will help balance the Mumpreneur life.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your stay-at-home mum journey!

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