By Jocelyn Angelica – Guest Post

When we think about branding a business on Social Media, what may immediately come to mind is creating a mood board with brand colours and fonts and logos but did you know one of the most important aspects of branding your business is the voice of the business.

Giving your brand a voice gives your audience something to connect with. Below are five quick tips on how you can find your business voice, build your brand, create your community and grow your influence with Heart.

Tip 1. Be You
Show up as your authentic self daily! Whether you are a coach or service based business your business has a voice and personality and nine times out of then it’s yours. No need to put on your corporate sales voice ( leave it at home ). Giving your brand an authentic voice gives your audience something to connect with.

Tip 2. Have an intention
Show up to your audience with a clear intention each day. Are you sharing a new product? Teaching or sharing new information? Remember quality over quantity is key! Sharing quality content is far better than simply sharing because you feel you have to show up.

Tip 3. Consistency is Key
Now above I mentioned quality over quantity don’t just share and everything . Create a theme for your business. For example, maybe Monday are mindset Monday for you and you share mindset tips with your audience or you update your site with a new blog every Monday.

Being consistent can get overwhelming. There are some tools you can put into place to help you plan and keep the content flowing.

Consistency also applies to the look of your brand. It’s okay to play around with various styles and looks while you work on figuring out your brand colors themes etc ( 🙋🏽 I can help you with this . ) once you have those set in place be consistent in your imaging that way when some one sees a post or your work even with out a name they know it’s your business.

Tip 4.Provide tons of value
Have you ever heard of Jab Jab Jab then right hook? This pretty much means Give Value, give value, give value, then ask for the sale.

Just like in any business or relationship you want to know that the person cares about you and your well-being and are truly a good fit to help you. This is how our audience feels. They want to know they are valued and not simply just another customer/ dollar sign to you.

Tip 5. Always Thank your audience
The number thing a person can give you is their attention. Every day your audience does just this. So Thank them as often as you can for giving you their attention.

I hope these five tips are helpful to you as you build your brand. Now, if these five tips are some thing you struggle with in business and you need some guidance on how to implement them contact me at Joiful Branding Solutions. I would love to invite you to a free consult to chat more about how I can help you make these shifts on your biz.

Jocelyn is a Mother of a Young King & Queen. Entrepreneur| Blogger| Brand Strategist

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