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Turning Your Dreams into a Real Life Business

What’s your dream? Where do you see yourself in a couple of years? Working in your home office? Opening your own store? These are the questions to ask yourself when you decide to start your own business. Your dreams can become reality with a solid a goal in mind.

Choosing a long-term goal

When you choose a long-term goal to work towards you are taking the first step in achieving your dream. Your long-term goal will define your business plan, and direct your strategic decisions.

Develop a long-term goal by writing down the dream you have been picturing in your mind, the more specific the better. As a mum I wanted to be there for my family and that was an absolute priority, so my long-term goal was to have total control over my time. Need help getting started? Get inspired by discovering 4 reasons why you should become a mumpreneur.

business tip, lucy quiroz, business coach, mompreneur, working mom

Achieving your long-term goal

Long-term goals give you motivation and focus. Once you have one in mind, evaluating your skills and talents will help you figure out how you are going to achieve it.

Here are three steps you can take:

  1. Evaluate your talents

Your talent is your inborn potential. Think about all those amazing things you can do with your eyes closed, things that come naturally to you, and impress your family and friends. You may be a very creative mum (making specially-shaped sandwiches or amazing cakes), or a mother who’s really good at attending to details (managing the budget of the house), or a mama with a gift for communicating, like me. At school I loved oral presentations, and I was very good at explaining things to my school mates which has helped me in my coaching. Even if your talents seem silly to you, or you think they’re not particularly impressive, just write down whatever comes mind.

2. Explore your skills

Skills are developed through practice. If you are a creative mum, you may be able to draw. If you are a mother who has a talent for attending to details, you may have strong accounting skills. You may be good at explaining things or persuading people. Write down all the skills you’ve acquired through your work experience, study or the talents you practice on a daily basis. During my career as a journalist, I had to write a lot and with time I become better. I now use this skill to help me write blogs and e-books. Need some inspiration? Check out how I listed my talents and skills.

3. Prioritise your talents and skills

Your talents and skills give you special abilities that will give life to your stay-at-home mum business. Once you have two lists, pair the talents and skills that go together, and number them from the ones you think would help you achieve your goal the most, to the ones you think are the least relevant. I organised my skills and talents with a process I like to call “mapping”. You can discover how the mapping process works in my step-by step guide.

Turning your talents and skills into a business

Your talents and skills are going to tell you exactly what products and service you can offer. You will have a few creative directions to organise and pursue, but try to only pick a few. After you have decided what talents and skills you will work with to achieve your goal, you can start a business plan. You will choose a target market, create a marketing strategy, design a digital strategy, and find ways to monetise your expertise. You can read more about developing a business plan here.

Take it from me

Being a stay-at-home mum can be boring but starting a business can break the monotony and inspire you. In the digital age mothers can make money from the comfort of their own home while still looking after the kids. You can read about some of the ways mums are making money from home.

After several attempts at starting a business (cooking channel, traveling blog, youtube tutorials, etc) with no success, finally my dream came a reality when I decided to become a business coach. I like people and helping others, so I integrated my marketing skills and talent in communications to help people launch and grow their dream business. My business has become a way to focus my ideas, and utilise my skills in a career that satisfies me. Remember dreams do come true but they require a little work to make them become a reality.

Lucy Quiroz

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