About Lucy

Lucy QuirozHola, I am Lucy.  

I am a Business Coach for stay-at-home mums.

But I didn’t start out that way! My journey started not too long after I had my first baby in 2015.

I’m originally from Colombia, South America, but I’ve been living in Australia since 2008. I met a lucky leprechaun, my Irish husband, who made me want to stay and build a family.

I’ve always worked in the digital world. I was an online journalist for Terra.com.co and GO Guia del Ocio for three years, and for over five years I took care of the online and traditional marketing for MAPTO, Visit Peel, Barret Communications & Metro City Concert Club.

Before becoming pregnant, I was working as a Digital Marketing Officer. I loved my job,and felt that finally my professional career was going the way I had always dreamed. Then, when I found out I was pregnant, honestly, I began to panic. How was I going to balance my job while taking care of a baby!

Nine months later I was living in an entirely different world. I went from dressing business casual in an office where I was in charge of major projects to being a messy-haired mum taking care of household duties. After six months at home, I went back to work. It was much harder than I expected.

Even though my workplace was far more supportive than other work environments, I still struggled to find suitable childcare. As I juggled work and family, I began to feel the pressure. I had so many questions running through my mind; What was I doing? What were my priorities?

It soon became apparent I wanted financial freedom so I could have control over my time and be there for my family. This is why I started my own business.

Lucy Quiroz and Valentina HarkinValentina, my beautiful daughter, is the one who inspired me. I’m a business coach for mums who want to give life to their dream business. But also, I’m a wife, a handyman and a cleaner. I think a day in my life is similar to a day in yours; this is the world of a mum!

My mission is to pass on all of my knowledge to teach, help and support you in creating your dream business.

The online world is a universe where you can experiment, connect and get inspired. It is constantly changing, and there is hardly anything that is original these days. However, you are unique, and you can put your own identity into your dream business. If, like me, you want to find financial freedom, flexible time and be there for you family, consider getting in touch with me and starting your own stay-at-home journey! Email me at hola@lucyquiroz.com.