7 Lessons I Learned From Hosting My First Online Summit

At the beginning of November 2017, I embarked on a journey to host my own virtual summit: the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit. It was A LOT of work, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and guide of my coach, Bailey Richert, a Business Coach for Beginning + Budding Infopreneurs.

She convinced me to run my summit. We put it together in three months, WOW I still can’t believe it! Once she proposed the idea, I thought she was crazy. But after we talked about it, I decided to do it because I wanted to bring together women who are career-driven as well as entrepreneurial for three days to inspire stay-at-home mums to give life to their dreams, and a summit was the best outlet for this information.

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If you missed this online event, you could get the Notes and Resources here, so don’t feel left out!

Here are a few of my many lessons learned from running my first online summit:

1. Networking: Say Hola!

What a great way to meet people and interact with persons that think just like you! I contacted over 25 lady bosses. For weeks I was building a list of potential speakers that I would like to invite to be part of the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit. In general, I heard positive answers, a couple of turnover and some non-replies. In the end, I managed to put together 16 speakers. My target was 15, so I was pleased with the final result.

My more significant take away from the networking perspective is that you have to make sure you invite the people that you would like to speak with in-person. I asked professionals that I admired and wanted to know more about. Many of my speakers are super authentic and totally rock their businesses. During the contact period, I sent a personalized message. Sure, I copied and pasted some of the generic information, but each email came with a particular note as to why I was inviting them in particular to be part of the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit.

I didn’t have just the opportunity to pick the brains of my interviewer, but also I got the chance to start building relationships that are incredibly valuable and will bring me opportunities in the future.

2. Email list building: grow it fast

Want to grow your email list fast? Them a summit is the answer!

During the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit, my email list passed from 106 to 356 subscribers. WOW! What an excellent results for my first three long days online event and three weeks of promotion. Now I have a significant list that I have to feed with valuable content.

3. Prioritise: one thing at the time

Begin every day with a list of tasks you know you will complete before your head hits the pillow is always a good idea. Have a to-do list for the day is so useful that will help you to keep on track and being more efficient. Try to complete the tasks one at a time. Laser focus increases efficiency and productivity.

4. Organisation: the keys to sanity

When you are organised, you spend less time correcting mistakes and searching for information. In a summit, there are tons of things that you have to coordinate and plan. From emails to graphics, follow-ups, interviews, schedules, setups, etc. However, I was lucky to have Bailey, because she handled all the IT stuff, so I didn’t have to worry about anything of the set up at the beginning, she did it all.

To manage all the interviews times and reschedule times my coach suggested to me that I use Calendly, and it was excellent advice.

5. Schedule and automate what you can

Scheduling is an essential part of running a business and of hosting an online summit. You need to have your scheduling system together in a big way. Pick a calendar and use it. Do a schedule and stick to it.

I simply love the digital age. The technology today help you to keep on track of everything. You can implement software that reminds your interviewers (and you) when you have your appointment. You can, manage everything online without you having to lift a finger! After setting up, automation keeps you effortlessly saving you tons of time and stress.

6. Don’t rely on others to promote your summit

I’m a big fan of collaborations! I think it is the best way to get result fast and in an efficient way for your business. BUT never rely too much on your affiliates. Try to do your own marketing strategies and look at affiliate sales as bonuses and not a plan.

The principal problem with your affiliates is that the biggest the names of your participants, the least likely they will promote it. They seem that to be part of the summit is a favour! My bloggers, where stars at promoting the summit. They did blog posts, social media posts and shared the summit information with all their list on more than one occasion. I’m not saying that my 15+ lady bosses didn’t promote the Mumpreneur Summit at all, many did, but others didn’t, it is disappointed!

7. Have a team: get support

You are not alone, and you don’t have to run your summit by yourself. The main point of running a summit is to connect with other people, so let people help you! Bailey was my right hand during all the process of the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit; she played a prominent role for me in this. However, I also hired a copywriter, Hannah, that help me with the final step on the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit: the Notes and Resources. She transcribed all the interviews helping me to create the keynotes from the entire summit (free and pay session).

I have to say that to have help it is so worth!

Would like to learn how to launch a virtual summit, Bailey has an amazing post about, where she shared all her best secrets. She even has a Virtual Summit School, that I highly recommended.

These are some of the lessons I learned from hosting my first online summit. It was a fascinating, rewarding and exciting experience. I would like to rerun the Mumpreneur Summit in 2018 and go a little bit bigger. I have to admit that the thought of doing it again is exciting but thinking on doing it bigger is very scary. For sure I will do many things differently, but it is part of the process of learning.

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