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6 Solutions for scary business situations

The first day at a new school is terrifying, going into a new job is frightening, and starting a new business is petrifying. Why? Because of the unknown. We are afraid of what we haven’t experienced, but starting is always the hardest part.

You have a family to support and already have so many commitments, and what about all the problems you’ll face with your business along the way? Few mothers take the risk. But there are ways you can make your life easier, and solutions to every problem.


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Here are six scary situations that may arise when ‘starting up’, and techniques to stay calm and keep going. Let’s start:

1. Problem: Overwhelmed

Your brain is frequently cooking new ideas, as a result you are unfocused. As your brain keeps overworking, you become frustrated and the path begins to look scarier than it really is.

Solution: Get a coach

An effective way to overcome this is to find someone who can guide you. There are business coaches available who will help you define your goal, focus your ideas, and show you a clear path. If you’re stuck and don’t know where to start, remember to keep calm, stop your brain for a bit and do what makes sense to you. The important thing is to take the first step.

2. Problem: Uncertainty

You’re not sure if you have a winning project, or if it’s going to be profitable…  

Solution: Mapping

If you’re feeling uncertain remember to focus on small goals. Goals help to guide you. I have developed a process called mapping that helped me to focus. The  mapping process will highlight all your amazing skills and prioritise them into categories and subcategories, this will give you an overview on what is useful and important.  

3. Problem: Finance

You don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in your business, and you’re worried you can’t afford it.

Solution: Do it yourself

The lack of disposable income shouldn’t hinder you from starting your own business. The reality is that these days you don’t need a large amount of money. This is the beauty of the internet, it gives you many tools to help you start your own business on a budget. If you need a website, on WordPress you can get a basic template for free or a decent one from $60 that you can customise. If you need to create some amazing graphics, you can do it yourself. Canva is a pretty cool and easy to use design app. Here you can create beautiful graphics to promote your products and services. If you want to get little bit inspired, discover three ways how mothers are making revenue online.

4. Problem: Not enough time

As a mother you don’t have much free time. There is so much to do already with the kids and the house duties, that starting your own business sounds like a fantasy.

Solution: Planning

Remember to do one thing at the time. Slow it down, there is no point in rushing. If you’re organised and you plan weeks and months ahead, you will get where you want. The art of planning is a key tool in running your business and spending time with your family. It will become your best friend, trust me! Try to plan, choose different techniques and adapt it to your personal needs.

5. Problem: Too focused on profit

You’re worried about your business making a profit. You want to be certain that you will make money immediately.  

Solution: Be realistic

As a stay-at-home mum you need some money to support you family. My best advice is that you shouldn’t worry about this just at the start. If you start a business worrying about profit, you’ll harbour the wrong energy. Potential profits can be analysed after your business basics (main goal, target market, marketing strategy and digital presence) are ready. Do not expect to see an immediate return on investment, keep your expectations low and just focus on one thing at a time. You can begin with the basics with help from my 6 step-by-step ultimate guide.  

6. Problem: Insane mum

Your to-do list is overflowing, and you’re accomplishing little.

Solution: Marketing Automation

I know you can be a super mum, but I want you to be a sane mum. You can automate most of your marketing tasks, improve results and grow revenue with software and apps. Automating your social media with Hootsuite, HubSpot, Later or others. Remember that nobody built an empire alone. Hire a team! As a ‘mumpreneur’ you will require the services of  professionals. By including people in your team, you’ll save time and reach your goals more efficiently. I have a business coach, a designer and an editor.

– You can do it!

Starting a business can be scary, but it  can also be fun, exciting, and extremely rewarding. I’m loving my stay-at-home journey. Don’t think that I have everything figured out. I’m always learning. My coach helps me to keep focused, I follow my business maps, and I try to save as much money as I can by doing almost everything in-house. I’m learning about the art of planning and adapting it to my own needs and wants (I have a to-do list, weekly plan, meal-prep plan, content calendar, and social media calendar). I still get scared from time to time, and I have my panic moments, but I remember that there’s a solutions to every problem. I keep my principal goal in mind: have more time for my family!

Are you a ‘starting up’? What has been the scariest situation, and how did you manage it? Would you like to start your own stay-at-home journey, or are you too scared?


Lucy Quiroz

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