The world has changed, and the ‘mumpreneurs’ are taking over! A ‘mumpreneur’ is a mum + entrepreneur, and research shows that after decades of decline of the stay-at-home mum, their numbers are now growing.

Since 1967, the total number of stay-at-home mums was decreasing because of the feminist movement. Every year more and more women left their kids in daycare because they wanted to go out into the workforce and seek equality with men. They wanted to show that they were capable of working while also raising a family and managing their homes. Since 2012, though, this have been changing. Why? In large part, it is due to the widespread use of the internet.

Today, technology is opening new doors. The internet is connecting the world, and mothers are embracing the possibility of self-employment online.

With the continued emergence of even more new web-based services, more mums are working on their own business from home on their own terms. The internet is giving new tools to stay-at-home mums to help them create profitable businesses and enjoy more opportunities to spend time with their families.

The industrial revolution, which focused on machine production, is over. It is now being replaced by the information age or the digital age, where multiple opportunities for stay-at-home mums are being created. As a consequence of this transition, the digital age is creating a knowledgeable society where individuals wants to learn more – and through the internet they can get it. People are constantly exploring the ‘net to satisfied their needs and wants. For this reason, starting up a business online has never been more simple.

The only question is:

Will you take this opportunity and start your working stay-at-home mum journey now?

If you are not sure, let’s explore 4 reasons why you should consider becoming a ‘mumpreneur’ today.


As a mumpreneur, you can work how, when and where you want. This was a big factor that influenced my working stay-at-home mum journey primarily because I do not have family closeby who can look after my daughter. The only alternative was daycare, and it is very hard to find a good full-time daycare that isn’t too expensive.

To be my own boss allowed me be totally flexible with my working hours, so I can be available for my family whenever they need me. Being a self-employed mum offers you the flexibility and autonomy you need to accommodate your children’s schedules. However that flexibility comes at a price. I won’t tell you that to be a mumpreneur is a easy process, and you will live a fancy fairytale life. Nope! Be a mumpreneur requires some long working days/nights, as well as preparation and ambition. As a mumpreneur you become a master at time managing. You will make the most of your days because time for you will have a precious value. You will make the most of siesta time (nap), mealtime, playtime and even laundry time. You’ll become amazing at “streamlining” your life to get more done during the day or night.


As a mumpreneur you will have the opportunity to work in a field you actually enjoy; one that you are passionate about and you are amazing at. You won’t mind working long hours because at the end, you not only know it is worth the extra income you’ll be earning for your family, but you may almost forget you are even working!


Working from home as a stay-at-home mum will increase your levels of satisfaction. Research has shown that there is a direct link between personal satisfaction and happiness. As a mumpreneur you know that you are utilising all your amazing skills, not just as a mum, but as a professional too. You are doing what you are passionate about and achieving results, and this is going to help you be happier. This happiness and satisfaction will fulfill your life as a mumpreneur, as a result you will always give the best to your family and business.


I think that becoming a mother turned up something inside me that made me see the world in a different way, where everything is possible and there are no barriers. As a mum, I became almost a new person. I found a cooler, faster, wiser Lucy within me. Like, I discovered that actually I can survive with just 4 hours of sleep. I become an expert at planning and managing. A mumpreneur takes these skills and applies them to her business in a whole new way. A working stay-at-home mum creates effective processes to keep everything under control: the house, the kids, your life, and even the life of your partner.

Be a mumpreneur is a joyful journey. It is a style of life that I am enjoying. I just want to say that before stepping into the mumpreneur world try to land your expectations and keep them real, be realistic! Don’t expect to become a successful mumpreneur overnight, that is just not going to happen. Work hard, be consistent and discipline, at the end it will pay off. Keep positive mind and don’t stress over minor details at home or work. Remember that the path to becoming a self-employed has never been more wide open and this is thanks to the digital age. Start your working stay-at-home mum journey with realistic expectations so you take the right steps.

What do you think? Will you take the opportunity? Take advantage of the digital age and start your working stay-at-home journey now before it’s too late.

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